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Medoc has effectively integrated various resources and launched “China - Chile” cross-border e-commerce air parcel line, At present, there are two ways: commercial and postal Custom- clearance,the delivery time is within 8-15 days and 9-24 days respectively.

In addition, in terms of international trunk lines, Medoc has chartered flights and boarding services from Hong Kong to Santiago, as well as customized shipping services.

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About Chile

The Republic of Chile (Spanish: Rep ú blica de Chile, English: Republic of Chile), referred to as "Chile", is located in the southwest of South America, at the Western foot of the Andes. Bordering Argentina in the East, Peru and Bolivia in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the West and Antarctica across the sea in the south, it is the country with the longest terrain in the world, with a land area of 756715 square kilometers.

Chile, known as the "land of the ends of the earth", is the country with the largest copper reserves in the world, with the largest copper production and export in the world. It also enjoys the reputation of "copper kingdom".  

With a population of about 18.7 million, the Internet penetration rate is 82%, and the smartphone penetration rate is 72%. It is the fifth largest e-commerce market in Latin America. Its Major cities: Santiago, Valparaiso, Concepcion, Punta Arenas, Iquique.

The main consumers of online shopping in Chile are middle-aged and young people, with men accounting for about 48.8% and women accounting for about 51.2%. In terms of categories, it is keen on clothing, 3C electronics and personal care products, followed by outdoor travel supplies for tourism.

In Chile, the e-commerce platform Mercado Libre is very popular. In addition, yapo, compray and vende are also well-known in Chile. Only Chilean companies or agents can open stores on these two websites. In addition to shopping in B2C online sales channels operated by large retailers, Chilean consumers often choose Alibaba, Groupon (group purchase website) and other overseas retail malls for shopping.

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