China – Europe Special Line (Door to Door)

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The European dedicated line is a door-to-door transportation service from China to European countries or from European countries to China. The main routes include France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and other countries.

We can provide door-to-door logistics services of railway, truck, aviation and sea transportation for the above European countries, including the UK.

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European dedicated line is a door-to-door express service from China to European countries or from European countries to China. European dedicated lines have the advantages of fast efficiency, low price and smooth customs clearance.

What transportation modes does the China -Europe special line include?

Railway Transportation

This is also the most popular way of China Europe dedicated line in recent years. It is transported by China Europe railway, takes the designated route, arrives at the corresponding country, discharges the goods, and then delivers them to the local logistics provider for shipment. The cost and timeliness are moderate, and the cost performance is very high.

Sea Transportation

Shipping companies load cargo at domestic ports in China, and then ship it to ports in Central European countries; For some landlocked countries, truck transportation will be arranged to their territory.

Air Transportation

Deliver goods from domestic airports in China, directly or transit to European countries, and then deliver goods according to customer needs, with fast timeliness and high security.

How long does it take for China -Europe special line transportation?

By Railway: About 16-25 days.

By Sea: about 20-25 days.

By Air: about 6-8 working days.

About European Union

European Union (English: European Union; French: Union Europ é enne), referred to as the European Union (EU), is headquartered in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and is organized by the European community,Also known as the European Common Market, it has mainly experienced three stages: the Dutch rupee trilateral economic union, the European community, and the European Union.Regional integration organizations with important influence in the world. The European Union has 28 member states (including Britain, which had not officially "brexit" at that time), with a total area of 4.38 million square kilometers, a population of 510million, and a GDP of 18.77 trillion US dollars.

On January 31, 2020 (Greenwich mean time), Britain officially separated from the EU and ceased to be a member of the EU.

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