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In Mexico, relying on the good bilateral trade relationship between China and Mexico in recent years, Medoc has focused on and deeply cultivated the Mexican market since its establishment. Who is with 6 years of experience in FBA, Mercadolibre and private commercial businesses based on space booking, commodity inspection, customs declaration, warehousing, customs clearance at the port of destination, duty payment, delivery to the door, NOM certification, trademark registration, etc.

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In addition, since 2020, Medoc has cooperated with airlines CV and CX to develop a "China- Mexico pharmaceutical logistics" service line from Hong Kong,which has well solved the requirements like cold chain, customs clearance, compliance and overseas delivery of the pharmaceutical industry during transportation, Medoc helps many Chinese pharmaceutical companies enter the Mexican market.

At the same time, in the past three years, Medoc has helped the Mexican government and people to purchase and use covid-19 test reagents and vaccines from China.

Until now ,Medoc has served the following famous medical brand companies from China ,including public companies ,Wondfo Biology (A-share 300482), Da'an gene (A-share 002030), Kemp Biology (A-share 300639),to help them better develop the Mexican market.

About Mexico

The United Mexican States (Spanish: Estados Unidos Mexico, English: United Mexican States), referred to as "Mexico", is a federal republic in North America, with an area of 1964375 square kilometers and a population of 123 million (2017). It is the eleventh most populous country in the world and the second most populous country in Latin America.

Mexico is a free-market economy with modern industry and agriculture, and the proportion of private economy is also increasing significantly. After the formal establishment of the North American Free Trade Area in 1994, the trade and investment exchanges between Mexico and the United States increased rapidly, which greatly promoted economic development and national income.

Important cities in Mexico include Mexico city, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Le ó n, Puebla.

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