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China is a major global commodity producer and exporter. As the second largest economy in the world, China has international trade cooperation relations with most countries in the world. International trade involves many complex links, from the selection of target factories to product quotation, international foreign exchange settlement, order production, cargo transportation, customs clearance, etc., which require professional team cooperation. Since the global outbreak of covid-19 in 2020, international personnel exchanges and meetings have been challenged. In response to this fact, Medoc has set up a professional team and willing to provide Chinese procurement consulting and agency services to importers from around the world.

Medoc will be happy to provide purchasing consulting and agency services for foreign importers. This work will help our customers get closer to their target factories and find their target products faster, thus making our cooperation more meaningful.

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What are the specialties and advantages of Medoc?

1. Medoc is composed of international logistics and international trade professionals, who have rich experience and are very familiar with international logistics and trade business.

2. Medoc is very familiar with China's supply chain factories, and can follow up customers' order needs and quickly select the most suitable factory from many Chinese suppliers.

3. Medoc is an international logistics company. It owns a trading company and has the qualification of international import and export rights. Medoc can provide global customers with one-stop solutions for product procurement + logistics.

What specific services can Medoc provide for customers?

1. Look for Chinese factories and products on behalf of customers

2. Carry out initial contact with Chinese suppliers on behalf of customers

3. Sign purchase contracts with Chinese suppliers on behalf of customers

4. Handle and supervise product quality and delivery on behalf of customers

5. Follow up the implementation of procurement contracts on behalf of customers, and supervise product quality and delivery

6. Prepare export documents (invoices, packing lists) on behalf of customers

7. Handle export commodity inspection and hygiene inspection reports on behalf of customers

8. Handle certificate of origin on behalf of customers

7. Cooperate to handle export approval procedures on behalf of customers

8. Act for export declaration

9. Arrange export transportation

10. Handle export collection, settlement and verification on behalf of customers

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