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International shipping customized service is one of the core businesses of Medoc.

The shipping team has more than ten years of operation experience. We have maintained good cooperative relations with dozens of international liner companies such as CMA, COSCO, OOCL, Hyundai, MSC, one, etc. our services cover more than 80 countries around the world, and we maintain a container handling capacity of more than 2million TEU per year, which can fully ensure the competitiveness of international shipping business. At present, we can provide our partners with customized shipping services from Shenzhen port, Shanghai port, Ningbo port, Qingdao port, Xiamen port and Dalian port to countries in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and Africa, including space booking, land transportation, packing, warehousing, customs declaration, customs clearance agency at the port of destination, overseas warehousing, transit and delivery, and other comprehensive international shipping services.

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The service industries involve dozens of industries such as steel, automobile, electronics, chemical industry, machinery, mining, gardening, medicine and so on.

Our experience and resource reserves in the field of maritime transportation can help those customers who have a large number of imported maritime goods from China.

Now we have carefully prepared the following high-quality international shipping services for you:

1. Full container international shipping services

North America line:

China Shenzhen / Ningbo / Shanghai - Los Angeles / Vancouver / Toronto,

South America East line:

China Shenzhen / Ningbo / Shanghai -Buenos Aires, Montevideo Santos, Paranagua , Rio Grande , Rio de Janeiro , ITAJAI , Asuncion, Pearson.

South America and West line:

China Shenzhen / Ningbo / Shanghai-Buenaventura, Callao, Guayaquil, Iquique, Val Paraiso, San Antonio.

Central America and the Caribbean line:

China Shenzhen / Ningbo / Shanghai-Willemstad, Belize City, Puerto limon, Havana, Port au Prince, Kingston and Panama City.

2. LCL international shipping services

special case service

one stop logistics service

NVOCC international shipping service

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